Learn about our amazing IV therapies and how they can help YOU!



Youth is what everyone wants but can't have. Well, at least not as easily easily when we start fighting wrinkles or sun spots from our youth. But that's where IV comes in - a  Glow Boost IV Drip will help you look like your younger self again! With antioxidants packed into this dosing method, it helps detoxify skin while also healing any damage done by free radicals over time which contributes to healthier looking skin making it seem more youthful than ever before.

IV treatments are currently one of the hottest new trends on the market because they provide results with very little risk involved (less pain and downtime). 

Glowing Skin IV Therapy
HELPS TARGET: Skin blemishes, dry skin, skin health, skin complexion, and skin glow



You'll never want to go on a run without an IV Hydration Therapy for Athletic Boost! With its patented mix of electrolyte-filled fluids and vitamins, you will have the energy needed for your training routine. In addition, it can help remove lactic acid build up in muscles which increases muscle endurance so that you're able to stay focused during long workouts or games.

Athletic boost IV therapy
HELPS TARGET: athletic performance, endurance, stamina, muscle strength and hydration.



Our IV Therapy for Energy Boost is designed to help give an otherwise healthy person a much-needed energy boost. If you are struggling with fatigue or want the extra push before your next strenuous activity, then this treatment can be perfect for you!

VitaHealth practitioners have created treatments that will meet whatever need one has when it comes to their physical well being and health. For those who struggle from chronic exhaustion, our IV therapy offers relief in many different ways - including improving brain function as well as boosting overall wellness levels so someone feels energized without feeling overwhelmed by their symptoms anymore.

Energy IV therapy
HELPS TARGET: Lethargy, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and muscle weakness



You know what they say: "There's no such thing as easy weight loss." That is, unless you take advantage of this booster IV therapy.

This revolutionary infusion was created to help give your metabolism the boost it needs in order for you to reach your goals faster than ever before!

With improved mood and focus, a product like this will ensure that not only are calories being eliminated from storage but also those appearing on plates or out of bowls which we might otherwise feel tempted by.

Let’s get started today with our lifestyle changes because when used consistently alongside diet and exercise there is nothing stopping you now except yourself!

Weight loss IV therapy
HELPS TARGET: Weight loss, detoxification, lethargy, and slow metabolism



As the saying goes, "Beauty is only skin deep." But what if you could go back to bragging about your hair, nails, and skin like you did in your younger years?

This Cell Repair Formula will provide your hair, nails, and skin with nutrients to help them maintain their health. If you're experiencing symptoms such as thinning hair or brittleness in your nails then try using our beautifying formula today!

The Cell Repair Boost is formulated with ingredients that will not only improve their health but also make them stronger. With improved elasticity for youthful looking skin, this formula has everything you need!

Hair Growth IV therapy
HELPS TARGET: Cellular damage, cell regeneration and aging



No better time in our lives to support our body by helping it boost its immune system. 

Th Immunity Boost IV drip (also known as the Myer's Cocktail)will help you recover from illness by replenishing lost nutrients and reinvigorating your body. This unique blend of IV hydration fluids, essential vitamins, and more is specially designed to support the immune system during times of high stress on the body.

The IV infusion provides a uniquely balanced formula for those who are recovering from injury or illness when they need an extra boost in their nutrient intake as well as general health maintenance.

Immunity Boost IV Therapy
HELPS TARGET: Illness, injury, surgery recovery, seasonal allergies, digestion issues, and support the immune system in general